PT Eden Pangan Indonesia

Star Supplier
Tangerang, Kota
Jam Operasional Bisnis:
Sen : 08:00 s.d 17:00
Sel : 08:00 s.d 17:00
Rab : 08:00 s.d 17:00
Kam : 08:00 s.d 17:00
Jum : 08:00 s.d 17:00
Sab : 08:00 s.d 17:00
Min : Tutup
Produk yang Dijual: 414 items
Eden Farms is building the new food distribution network for Indonesia by simplifying the supply chain, ensuring stable pricing and abolishing food waste. Established in 2017.

Informasi Usaha

Tahun Berdiri 2017
Kategori Bisnis Food, Beverage, Pastry And Cakes
Tipe Bisnis Producer
Status Pajak Bukan PKP
Kota / Provinsi Tangerang, Kota / BANTEN

Informasi Pemasok

Sub-Kategori Bisnis Canned Food, Dairy Products, Fruits, Groceries, Meat, Organic Foods, Pasta And Noodle, Poultry, Sauces, Seafood, Snack And Cereals, Spices, Vegetables, Coffee, Juices, , Mineral Water, Softdrink, Syrup, Tea, Food Coloring, Pastry Ingredients
Cakupan Wilayah Tangerang, Kab.; Tangerang Selatan; Tangerang, Kota; Jakarta Utara; Jakarta Timur; Jakarta Selatan; Jakarta Barat; Jakarta Pusat; Bogor, Kab.; Depok; Bogor, Kota